*Chicken Soup for the Soul – “Two Dollars’ Worth of Trust”

Chicken Soup coverTwo Dollars’ Worth of Trust by Beth Ford Roth

Wherever there is a human in need, there is an opportunity for kindness and to make a
~Kevin Heath

The game was over, the 49ers had beaten the Denver Broncos, and now Micheal and I were roaming the darkened streets of San Francisco in my little red Honda. We
were lost, and Micheal was trying his best to keep calm.

This was 2000, before GPS was in every car—or at least every cell phone. Micheal, then ten years old, knew I had a terrible sense of direction. Whenever the two of
us went on an outing together, it usually involved me taking a few wrong turns. I always needed to reassure him that even if we got lost we would make it to our destination.

I was matched with Micheal by Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Sacramento
when he was eight and I was in my mid-twenties…  Click here to purchase the book on Amazon.


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